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[Where it all began...]

Morris the Rodmaker

Originally produced as a college film project by Scott Mann and John Roman, The Rodmaker (22 min.) was aired on Detroit Public Television in the early 1980’s. Unseen by public audiences until Scott offered it for sale on DVD about 10 years ago, the film is now available to view on Youtube.


This personal testament contains footage from Morris’ travels all over the world; trout fishing in Lake Nipigon, Ontario, sailfishing in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as scenery from Angel Falls, Venezuela. The film tells the Morris Kushner story from the viewpoint of Scott Mann, Robert Summers (Traverse City, MI rodmaker) and includes Robert Traver’s (author, former supreme court justice) incredible retelling of Chapter 13 from his classic, Trout Magic.

More about Morris:

Watch the complete film here:

Listen to the complete Traver interview here:

Listen to the complete Summers interview here:

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